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Cleanser Diversion Safe



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Its realistic label, texture, and weight make it blend seamlessly into any household setting, making it an ideal choice for keeping your valuables hidden from prying eyes.

This wittily designed safe features a hidden compartment with generous amount of space to store a variety of small items such as jewelry, cash, keys, and other precious belongings.

The secure twist-off bottom ensures easy access to your hidden items while maintaining the illusion of a regular cleanser bottle. The cap fits snugly, preventing accidental opening.

Hide this in your bathroom, under your sink or along with other cleaning supplies, ensuring that no one will suspect that it holds anything other than cleaning solution.

Product features:
• Protect your smaller valuables
• Store in areas like under the sink or bathroom for seamless blending
• Storage Measurements 1¾” x 5 ⅛”