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Product Categories

Tactical Pen

A versatile self-defense tool, the tactical pen combines a sleek writing instrument with a sturdy design, making it ideal for emergencies and everyday use.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are discreet surveillance devices used to secretly capture video recordings. They are often used for security purposes or to monitor activities without the knowledge of those being recorded.

Telescopic Batons

Telescopic batons are collapsible self-defense tools designed for compact carrying and swift deployment, extending to provide a sturdy and effective means of protection.

DIY Home Alarms

DIY home alarms offer affordable and customizable security solutions for protecting your home. Easy to install, monitor remotely, and provide peace of mind.

Dog/Bear Repellents

Dog and bear repellents deter unwanted encounters with pepper spray or frequency, keeping you safe and peaceful without causing harm to the animals.

Mace Spray

Mace defense spray: a non-lethal self-defense tool containing a powerful pepper spray formula to incapacitate attackers, providing a safe and effective means of protection.

Pool Alarm

The pool alarm is designed to alert homeowners when there is unauthorized access to the pool area, helping to prevent accidents and drownings. This technology provides added peace of mind to pool owners by enhancing the safety of their pool environment.

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