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Citrus Can Safe

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Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

Citrus Can Safe is a superb solution for discreetly hiding your valuable belongings. Designed to look and feel like a real can of citrus, this innovative can safe is both practical and inconspicuous.

Its realistic design includes vibrant colors and detailed labeling, making it virtually indistinguishable from an actual can of citrus. This clever disguise allows provide a clever hiding spot for your kitchen pantry or any storage area.

The Citrus Can Safe is spacious enough to accommodate a wide range of items, such as cash, jewelry, keys, and small electronic devices. The can safe also includes a removable top lid, providing easy access to your belongings whenever needed.

Product Information:

  • Resembles a well-known soda brand in appearance
  • Perfectly accommodates small items such as loose change and jewelry
  • Ideal for storage in locations like your kitchen or pantry
  • Internal dimensions measure 1″ x 3.5″